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RECY-PLAST 2013 – Plastics Recycling Forum

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On 21-22 March the first workshop of the plastics waste recycling industry RECY-PLAST 2013 was held in Serock. The meeting was organized by the Foundation PlasticsEurope Polska in cooperation with the consultancy firm Genplast.

RECY-PLAST platform is aimed at regular discussion to exchange experiences on current situation of the plastics recycling and recovery sector and also to trace the future development of this industry in the coming years.

The meeting was attended by over thirty representatives of plastics recycling companies as well as companies engaged in the Energy–from-Waste (EfW) industry and other operators of the waste disposal sector. Issues discussed during meeting included quality recycling, legal environment of the plastics waste recycling industry, modern sorting technologies, sources of plastics waste for the recycling and EfW technologies.

Presentations given during meeting served as the basis for very lively panel discussions. Participants pointed out the need for consistent implementing and the effective enforcement of the waste law, along with mechanisms supporting diverting waste from landfills (e.g. introduction of a prohibition of the waste disposal of high-calorific waste or fast raising landfill fees).

Also the necessity for effective tools of the financial support - similar to other European countries - was highlighted, which will enable full recovery of the value of plastics waste, both through the recycling and energy recovery. Participants agreed that the currently existing system, with recovery organizations, is not fulfilling assumed functions.

The relevant joint position paper was prepared and sent to the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of the Economy and to environmental committees of the Polish Parliament.

The next meeting of the RECY-PLAST platform will be held in the autumn this year, where recyclers will discuss the ways of acting together to become more visible as the whole plastics waste recycling industry.

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