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Machinery firm Rajoo plans Rajkot plant

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Indian machinery firm Rajoo Engineers Ltd. is setting up a new facility at Rajkot for its joint venture with Italian firm Bausano & Figli SpA.

The plant will operate under the firms’ Rajoo Bausano Extrusions Pvt. Ltd. joint venture and manufacture pipe and profile extruders, catering to the growing infrastructure market in India.

Rajoo is investing 100 million to 150 million Indian rupees in the plant (US$2.17 million to US$3.26 million), with production likely to begin in April.

“Demand for pipe and profiles is on the rise due to the building of infrastructure as well as the agriculture sector in the country and we believe the demand will grow many-fold in the years to come,” said Khushboo Doshi, head of marketing and communications at Rajkot-based Rajoo. 


The companies formed the venture in 2009, with Bausano, based in Rivarolo Canavese, Italy, owning 51 percent.

“We may not be able to sell too many machines initially as we will focus more on the absorption of technology in the first year,” Doshi said in an interview at Plastivision 2011, held Jan. 20-24 in Mumbai.

The venture targets PVC pipe manufacturers in India but offers pipe extrusion machines for PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene.

The firm said that the new extrusion technology it is bringing to the market consumes less power and has a length-to-diameter ratio of 30-1, compared with what Doshi said is the standard Indian size of about 18-1 or 20-1.

Other Indian firms, however, have challenged that claim. Windsor Machines Ltd., based in Ahmedabad, said local companies have been making extruders in India with a length-to-diameter ratio of 28-1 for several years.The new extruder, which should be available in April, will have a high-torque, multidrive system, with four synchronized motors, that lowers power and maintenance costs, Doshi said.

Rajoo also is eyeing the European market with another joint venture — with Hosokawa Alpine AG of Augsburg, Germany — and the firms are planning to bring in a machine that mixes their technologies, to be called the Rajoo Alpine Hybrid line.

Doshi said those projects will keep Rajoo busy this year and that it does not plan any more joint ventures for 2011.The company has supplied extrusion systems to Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and Latin America.

“The growth is in the Asian and African markets,” said Doshi. She noted that the company believes the American and European markets are shrinking.

“We have CE accreditation for supplying machines to the high-end markets,” she said. CE compliance means the machinery meets European Community safety and environmental requirements.

“We have already supplied blown film lines in three, five and seven layers. With technology support from Alpine, we will be able to supply nine- and 11-layer machines.”

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