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Plastic recycled in Costa Rica is exported to Japan

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What is garbage for many, can be useful to others; the contaminated plastic which is recycled in Costa Rica is exported to Japan where it is used as raw material to manufacture parts for cars, pipe lines and sleepers from the train tracks.

The Foundation Limpianos Nuestros Campos works together with municipalities, to give proper treatment to the packaging of agrochemicals.

Lightweight polymer alloy offers flexibility in design, moldability, resistance to corrosion, heat and impact for automotive

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A new material combines an ultra-smooth surface and exceptional dimensional precision- Panlite AM-9937F, has been unveiled by Teijin Chemicals- specifically for use in automotive applications. This a lightweight polymer alloy, which is a combination of the company’s own polycarbonate Panlite and polyester resin. The main feature of the material includes flexibility in design, moldability, high resistance to corrosion, heat and impact, and a low linear expansion coefficient.

5 firms team to develop plastic from plant materials

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Five of the biggest names in American business have formed a group to accelerate development and use of plant-based plastic.

Coca-Cola Co., Ford Motor Co., H.J. Heinz Co., Nike Inc., and Procter & Gamble Co. said Tuesday they are committed to developing a commercially viable, sustainably sourced plastic made entirely from plant materials while reducing the use of fossil fuels.

The collaboration builds on Coke's "plant bottle" packaging technology, which is partially based on material derived from sugar cane.

New technologies revolutionize prosthetic devices

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Better materials, manufacturing approaches and electronics are rapidly improving the quality of prosthetic devices, making them more responsive, more comfortable and better looking.

It's a development that could improve the quality of life for large numbers of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, as well as many thousands more around the world who have lost limbs as a result of land mines, natural disasters or illnesses, such as diabetes.

13 industrial sectors will get new import duty facility

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Local business players can utilize government-paid import duty (BMDTP) incentives starting from next month as the facility has been approved by the Finance Ministry, an official says.

“It seems they [business players] can access it next month because the excise and customs [office] has signed it,” Industry Ministry’s director for industry climate and quality policy research center Haris Munandar told The Jakarta Post on Friday.

The facility, which will be regulated under a Finance Ministry regulation, will cover 13 industrial sectors, including stationery, textiles, plastic, telecommunications and fiber optics. The value of import duties to be paid by the government under the facility is estimated to reach Rp 405 billion (US$43.74 million).


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