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5 firms team to develop plastic from plant materials

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Five of the biggest names in American business have formed a group to accelerate development and use of plant-based plastic.

Coca-Cola Co., Ford Motor Co., H.J. Heinz Co., Nike Inc., and Procter & Gamble Co. said Tuesday they are committed to developing a commercially viable, sustainably sourced plastic made entirely from plant materials while reducing the use of fossil fuels.

The collaboration builds on Coke's "plant bottle" packaging technology, which is partially based on material derived from sugar cane.

Heinz has licensed the technology from Coke for some ketchup bottles.

Coke, the world's biggest soft-drink maker, gets sugar-cane-based ethanol from plantations in Brazil that it says are far from the Amazon rain forests. It is also working to develop a way to capture sugar from plant waste.

All the companies in the working group use the plastic PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, in products ranging from bottles, clothing, and shoes to automotive fabric and carpet.

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